Professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology , University of Rome, La Sapienza . Professor of Traumatology of the Road in the University of Rome " La Sapienza" and the University of Bologna . it has been a consultant of Orthopedics and Traumatology for about thirty years at the Institutes of Clinical Pediatric and Infant Care , University of Rome "La Sapienza" . It's ' President of the Italian Society of Traumatology of the Road and the Healthcare Commission 's LIDU (Italian League of Human Rights , FIDH member - Federation Internationale des Droits de l' Homme ) , and a member of AAAM ( Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine) , where he was a member of the " Board of Directors " . Member of the National Road Safety Council (CNEL ) , the "Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Italian Hospitals and Care Centers with Italian Abroad Participation " , the Inter-Ministerial Technical Committee and the Ministry of Health for Infrastructure and Transport ' information on driving motor vehicles for people with physical disabilities . Expert member of the Board of Health and the CCM ( Scientific Subcommittee " Health and Accident " ) , the Ministry of Health . Member of CARSP ( Canadian Association of Road Safety Professional) , and the Association Mundial de Dano Corporal . Honorary member of the Rotary Club International. Lieutenant Colonel of the Medical Corps Reserve Aviation , Pioneer of Progress Aviation , Lieutenant Colonel doctor Meritorious of the Carabinieri , Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Republic, the Gold Medal of Merit of Public Health . "National Focal Person" for the UN Global Road Safety Week , organized by the UN and WHO. For about thirty years he has been coordinator of the Medical Sector for Road Safety of the ' Automobile Club of Italy. He has collaborated with some car manufacturers to design seats and cockpits designed to prevent spinal pathologies and research of technical and ergonomic solutions in order to improve driving safety , and in the aeronautical field for improving technical and ergonomic aircraft for the prevention of spinal pathology of Flight Personnel . He has worked as a scientific consultant orthopedic surgeon in the European Project Safeway for the study and implementation of road barriers in reduced gravity index . He is the author of about 250 scientific publications in the field of orthopedics, traumatology, ergonomics, biomechanics of impacts , many of these studies have been the subject of reports in national and international conferences , and a dozen monographs . He conducts master classes in " Trauma of the Road" and the Courses "Children in the car even before birth " course for pediatricians , gynecologists and technical personnel training aspects in the courses of preparation for childbirth at the Soc.I.Tra.S. and in collaboration with the Medical and province of Rome , the University of Coimbra ( Portugal) and Barcelona (Spain) , Courses Relief Waiting for the Police and Courses for Teachers of High School ( ( Pro.Gi.Ma.S ) . : Mature Youth Project on the road . dell'EIGIS is a member (European Interest Group on Injury Scaling ) and scientific coordinator of the Courses of training in the use of AIS ( Abbreviated Injury Scaling ) , organized by the company under exclusive license dell'AAAM . Courses are carried out properly credited for the allocation of " credits " ECM at the respective Ministries of Health Italian , Portuguese and Spanish .


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